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Hello all! I've just joined this community for a specific reason: What is going on with John? Is there any news? I got my Rolling Stone daily e-newsletter today and there was this short article about him - the first thing I've seen in veeeery long time. I was really into him up until late 2008. That year I saw him in concert and he seemed REALLY down. It was right around the time he supposedly broke up with Aniston. After that, I feel like he really went downhill. I've been so not interested, and I've heard nothing from him, though I did seem him in concert last August. Because of my lack of interest, I haven't been even hunting for news, but getting this article made me want to know what's going on.
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heyyy just wondering if anyone's got the songs


it would be a really big help, i've been looking for them forever. i used to have them in my itunes but my computer crashed and died a couple months ago.

thanks so much in advance guys!
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A theory...

OK - I've obviously spent way too much time thinking about this. I have a theory, though, and i'd like to hear your thoughts on this. 

I'm not a Taylor Swift stan - i find some of her stuff mildly appealing occasionally, but that's neither here nor there. When she stood up at the VMA's to sing her "forgiveness of Kanye" (the Media's term..) i almost wonder if just a bit of this isn't also about our John. John and Taylor had been palling around together in New York near the end of 2009, a few media stories had come out about them hanging out, then the Playboy interview/subsequent media exposure happened, and all of the sudden, no more stories about Taylor and John. 

Collapse )Just a thought. I'd love to hear some other opinions on this. 
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01 - 22 John Mayer : Battle Studies lyrics/text icons
23 - 32 John Mayer

33 - 47 Adam Lambert & Kris Allen
48 - 95 Jonas Brothers, Joe, Nick
96 - 121 Supernatural : 5x14 - My Bloody Valentine


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Hilary Duff, Jennifer's Body, John Mayer, Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan, Matthew Gray Gubler, Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine still), Nikki Reed, Dr. Troy (Nip/Tuck), Robert Pattinson, Taylor Momsen, Evan Rachel Wood, Ashley Olsen, Clarissa Explains It All, Elisha Cuthbert, stock

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So many people worry about what people look like wtf? Like michael jackson most of the stuff you hear from people is about his nose, and his skin. Seriously can't you just appreciate people like MJ or John mayer for their talent?
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Battle Studies poll

Dude, I'm a horrible mod! Sorry about that, lots of health problems and what have you. But anyways, "Battle Studies" came out!! What did everyone think of it? What is your favorite track?

For me, I absolutely LOVE it! It's been in my car's cd player since I bought it. Best track on there is "Edge of Desire"! Also I love "Heartbreak Warfare" "Assassin" and "Do You Know Me?" The ones I'm still kinda eh on is "Half of My Heart" (mainly for Taylor Swift, sorry not a fan!!), Perfectly Lonely, and War of My Life. I like "All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye" but like one person said, towards the end it gets too repetitive and I have to change the song. But I want to hear from you all! So leave a comment and let me know what song you love and what song you can do without!!